Furnace Installation

Top Quality Utah County Furnace & Heating Installation Services


100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind every aspect of our service, from our staff to the furnaces we install, and we are committed to your complete satisfaction. We guarantee that all our employees will be clean-cut, drug and smoke free, and highly trained with all necessary certifications. We also guarantee that they will be clean, courteous, and respectful of your home and family. As for the furnaces we install, we choose every furnace very carefully to ensure that you get the best quality and value. We guarantee that every furnace we install will function properly according to the manufacturer specifications. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our installation service, we will promptly resolve any issues regarding equipment or workmanship. In the event you are still not completely satisfied within one year from the date of installation, we will remove the furnace and refund your money.

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our workmanship that we guarantee it for the life of your home. Your furnace itself is protected by a manufacturer warranty and our labor warranty, but this guarantee protects the other aspects of our installation such as ducting, flue venting, refrigeration lines, etc.

Lemon-Free Replacement Guarantee

This guarantee is designed to provide you with a replacement unit in the case of major system failure. In the unlikely event that the heat exchanger fails on your qualified furnace (90% efficient or higher) or the compressor fails on your qualified air conditioner (XR15 or XL model) within 10 years from the date of installation we will provide you with a new comparable replacement unit for free. If you’ve ever owned a “lemon” you’ll appreciate the value of this guarantee.

Rebate Guarantee

If your equipment or service qualifies for a utility rebate we guarantee the rebate amount written on your signed agreement. If the utility company requires the customer to submit rebate applications then you are responsible for submitting the necessary rebate paperwork within 90 days from the date of service. If we are submitting the rebate paperwork for you then it is your responsibility to provide us with a copy of the appropriate utility bill by no later than the date of installation. Should the rebate come back any lower than the amount we quoted, we will work with the utility company to correct the issue. In the unlikely event that we are not able to resolve the issue with the utility company within six months of the date the work was completed we will reimburse you for the difference.

Labor Warranty

We provide some of the longest labor warranties in the industry to protect your purchase. If your furnace has a part failure that is covered by warranty within the labor warranty period we will waive the standard diagnosis charge and perform the repair for free. The cost of any parts will be covered by the manufacturer’s parts warranty.

Manufacturer Parts Warranty

You can find all the details of your equipment’s heat exchanger, compressor, and parts warranties in the paperwork provided with your equipment or on the manufacturer’s website.

Routine Maintenance Requirement

Routine maintenance on installed equipment is required as specified in the owner’s guide for your equipment to ensure proper performance of the equipment. Repairs that are required due to lack of routine maintenance are not covered by warranty and will also require a standard diagnosis charge.